Answer My Tricky Questions
Here are a collection of questions and challenges often posed to Muslims along with what we hope are good responses:
Why should I investigate Islam? Why do you think that just because certain beliefs are right for you then they must be right for me too?
I believe in God but I don't need a religion! Faith is irrational and little better than superstition! I want to keep well clear of such things.
What do you think of Muslim terrorists? Why are women oppressed in Islamic countries?
I am not an evil person. Would I be condemned to hell simply because I am not religious? Islam has no place in today's world. It prescribes barbaric punishments and attitudes that belong to the middle ages!
I hate you self-righteous religious nuts!- Give me a break! Scientific facts have proven religious arguments and understandings of existence quite wrong!
What is Islam's view of homosexuality? How do you respond to what Christians say about Islam?
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Why Should I Investigate Islam?

Because if you fail to do so you could be sinning by deliberately keeping yourself ignorant. It's a big sin in Islam. Even if other religions regard it as a virtue they are wrong and God will take you to account for not making proper use of the mind He gave you.

Why haven't you done so yet?

Could it be that you have only ever got your information about Islam from the sensationalist media? Well maybe it's time to take your information from somewhere else.

Could it be that you simply can't be bothered to look into religion? Well maybe you are just generalising your negative impressions of religion without any good justification. All religions are not the same.

If you have any interest in the future of this planet you should find out about Islam. Islam is not only the fastest growing religion in the world but is now also the second largest religion in Europe and in the USA. Islam is the only serious alternative to the current amoral ideologies dominating the current world 'order' and it is to those who know about it the strongest moral force on Earth.

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