Faith is irrational and little better than superstition! I want to keep well clear of such things..

Superstition is the result of finding unreasonable causes and effects where none exist. Usually this

Belief in the almighty God doesn't allow room to believe in superstitions. It is the ultimate dismissal of all superstition. Without this monotheistic belief then there may be any number of strange paranormal causes & effects which we don't know about yet. It could well be argued that monotheism is what made people look for God's laws of nature instead of holding on to superstitions. This is indeed why we refer to 'Laws of Nature' - the law-maker and governor is God.

Superstition is where people attribute explanations for events which are based on flimsy evidence and flawed reasoning, if indeed reasoning occurs at all. Islam demands rigorous use of our mental faculties not their suspension.

Thinking of faith as being like superstition is quite alien to Islam. To understand why please read the section: "OK then - Convince me!"

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