Why do you think that just because certain beliefs are right for you then they must be right for me too?

The perception in the Christian (or rather Post-Christian) world is that beliefs are matters which people accept without evidence or reason; an act of faith is to do something without reason or evidence to justify it. What then makes anyone's religious beliefs right for them? Well according to this understanding of 'belief', nothing or nearly nothing except perhaps that person's own feelings about those beliefs.

With such an understanding of belief it of course seems like nothing more than a taste they have developed similar to liking tea rather than coffee. Your statement amounts to saying I have no problem with anyone's preference for Burger King over MacDonalds as long as they accept that just because they prefer the taste of a Whopper meal over a Bic Mac meal, that doesn't necessarily mean Whopper meals are right for me.

This understanding of belief is quite alien to Islam. To understand why please read the section "OK then - Convince me!"


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