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General Interfaith Resources

World Religions World religion resources and interfaith community: free books and writings of human spiritual and religious thought. Covering the major religions of the world, alternative spiritual systems, and ancient mythologies.

General Islamic Resources

Belfast Mosque (BICnews) excellent mailing list news service and more...

The Islamic Garden - the Internet's Islamic connection.

Islamic Centers Online a sort of Islamic Internet portal

Ibrahim Shafi's All in One "THE ISLAM PAGE"

Islamic Texts and Resources MetaPage

A keen site some useful links University of Houston MSA

Musalman News and Search

IViews: Islamic News

Islam Online

Islamic Voice

Jannah: Islamic information, prayers, articles lots of useful downloads

Ahmad Deedat site - for an audio Muslim to Christian monologue

Islamic Thought - Detailed information on some areas of Islamic thought.

International Islamic Dawah Centre - A selection of media for use in dawah (inviting people to Islam)

Islamic Invitation Centre - A comprehensive FAQ for questions in dawah (inviting people to Islam)

The Islamic Gateway - A route to much Islamic material

About Islam and Muslims - Useful Islamic resources in good depth.


Non-English Islamic Resources


Page de l'Islam  

Islam en France



Islam Fraternet

 Forum de l'Islam


Search the Qur'an in French

Fatawa (Islamic jurisprudence)

Islam Questions & Answers

Air Islam

Aslim Taslam Magazine


Islam Online - the main German site?



Also, go to Islamzine for infos in other languages (Turkish, Malay, Indonesian, Thai, Arabic, Bosnian, Portuguese...)


Non-Electronic Islamic Resources

Extensive Global List of Islamic Book Sellers - Book Stores Link

The On-Line Islamic Bookstore

Astrolabe Pictures - Buy your Islamic videos here along with books CDs CD ROMs etc, specialising in producing Islamic children's videos.

Specialised / Distinctive Islamic Resources

Virtual Islamic City - A nice concept web site - well worth a visit.

Palestine - a comprehensive page about Palestine

Missionary sites - Pro Islam

The 'be convinced' web site - very flash and professional looking

Who is Our Saviour? Questions for Christians Audio debates and other material about Islam in particular responding to arguments by the Answering Islam website (see below).

Answering for Islam - a page aiming to dispel the myths propagated about Islam by its enemies

Missionary sites - Anti-Islam

Answering Islam A Christian response. Read the claims, check them against the evidence, and judge where the Truth lies.

Wasteland Of Wonders - atheist resource site, based in the U.K. Claims to "rip all religion into itsy bitsy pieces."

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