There is no church hierarchy in Islam

In Islam there is no church hierarchy no priests, ministers, vicars, deans, or popes. When a Muslim prays he prays directly to God not through any intermediary. When he serves God he is not serving an institution but God alone. Every human being is individually responsible for their own actions and their own beliefs. No one can take that responsibility away from you.

If you think that anyone is ordering you to act against what you sincerely believe to be the will of God you are duty bound to disobey that order and instead obey Allah. This is the principle that

Allah is the sovereign

and follows directly from the shahada which is the testifying that makes some one into a Muslim - namely:

There is no god except Allah and Muhammad is a messenger of Allah

Of course in coming to your conclusions about what Islam teaches you will find it useful to consult those who have studied the religion's sources carefully. These are the scientists of the religion (in Arabic: 'ulema ud-din). These scientists may have varying interpretations and opinions but they all use essentially the same source material. This leads us to another principle which is that

There are no sects in Islam only different interpretations

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