The world is governed by mathematical laws - Not God!

Science discovers how God makes things happen but it cannot claim to actually know the ultimate source of events.

The simple reason for this challenge is that the concept of God in Christianity has become distorted. The church is largely to blame for this and for the wrong assertions it made which brought it into conflict with the new knowledge discovered in science. The idea of God which the ancient Greeks had was of a creator like a watchmaker who set the universe going and then left it alone. The Christian concept of God took on the idea of God becoming incarnate as Jesus and ‘stepping in to His creation to help out’. As such the idea became established that God intervened occasionally but was otherwise separate from his creation. From then on whenever a natural law was discovered the response was ‘aha! no intervention here just a straight forward rule’. Thus God was confined to existing only in the gaps of human knowledge. Successes of classical physics brought its assertion of the unquestioned truth of its description of the elementary building blocks of nature. This cut out any role for God in all but a spiritual esoteric capacity. With the collapse of theories of classical physics the door has been thrown open for these misconceptions to be trashed. We can no longer say that our theories of the elementary building blocks of nature are the unquestionable truth.


The Basis of Knowledge

from the online book

Islam for the Western Mind


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