Islam for the Western Mind
This book has the primary aim of explaining the intellectual foundations of 'Islamic belief' to people familiar with the position of religious belief in Western thought. It challenges that position and provides the Islamic alternative. The secondary aim is to briefly tackle some of the misperceptions common in the West as to the teachings of Islam. If you have some concerns in this area it may be best to read the relevant section for that aim first. The final aim is to present some of the evidence which has persuaded people to become Muslims.
Introduction The Sin of Disbelief
The Basis of Knowledge The Amazing Qur'an
The Teachings of Islam    
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To discuss the position that religious belief should have in Western thought presents certain problems. Islam has a definite set of prescriptions on what is good thinking and hence the sort of thinking which leads to religious belief. It is circular to argue that you should think according to the teachings of Islam, then you will come to accept the authority of Islam and its teachings - in particular its teachings about ways in which you should think. In avoiding this the arguments are presented about the sources of knowledge and about the sins of disbelief without basing them on the authority of Islamic teachings, although in fact this can easily be done. The arguments also try to avoid being based on historical evidence or on opinions of respected people since these are inevitably selective and contentious. Instead the appeal is directly to the mind and conscience of the reader, seeking to find common ground for building a better understanding of Islam.


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