[1] Conversion to Judaism requires in particular that you lie to your children and to everyone else by saying that you come from the Jewish race i.e. that your ancestors were taken out of Egypt by Moses etc. Only then will your blatant hypocrisy make you half accepted as a Jew by some Jews.

[2] In “The New Catholic Encyclopedia” (Bearing the Nihil Obstat and Imprimatur, indicating official approval) we get a glimpse of how the concept of the Trinity was not introduced into Christianity until close to four hundred years after Jesus (pbuh):

“.......It is difficult in the second half of the 20th century to offer a clear, objective and straightforward account of the revelation, doctrinal evolution, and theological elaboration of the Mystery of the trinity. Trinitarian discussion, Roman Catholic as well as other, present a somewhat unsteady silhouette. Two things have happened. There is the recognition on the part of exegetes and Biblical theologians, including a constantly growing number of Roman Catholics, that one should not speak of Trinitarianism in the New Testament without serious qualification. There is also the closely parallel recognition on the part of historians of dogma and systematic theologians that when one does speak of an unqualified Trinitarianism, one has moved from the period of Christian origins to, say, the last quadrant of the 4th century. It was only then that what might be called the definitive Trinitarian dogma ‘One God in three Persons’ became thoroughly assimilated into Christian life and thought ... it was the product of 3 centuries of doctrinal development” (emphasis added).

“The New Catholic Encyclopedia” Volume XIV, p. 295.

[3] Taken from http://www.aliasoft.com/themes/clark.html

[4] Taken from the alt.atheism newsgroup

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