What has been happening in Algeria?

Here is a possible way to find out what is going on there and what has been going on so far. This was an email sent around the world and I reproduce it here for the benefit of those who are interested in finding out the truth.

New, Original, Comprehensive Book on
The Algerian Massacres
An Inquiry into the Algerian Massacres
Hardback, 1,470 pages
Forewords by Noam Chomsky and Lord Avebury
Price: 24.00 + p & p.

Many Muslims have been frustrated by the world-wide, French-led propaganda that the mass murders of the recent years in Algeria were the work of the Islamic groups. Yet we all know that the latter took up arms because the Algerian francophile generals led a military coup in 1992 with France's active support to nip in the bud a resounding victory by the newly created Islamic Salvation Front (FIS).

Other Muslims believed the story that Islamic fighters actually cut babies, beheaded men and raped women! Yet others remained confused: they could not accept the idea of Muslims butchering other Muslims for no conceivable reason; meanwhile, they did not have any satisfactory explanation as to the real motives of the massacres. How many massacres have taken place since the Algerian generals took over in 1992, and how did they develop in scale and frequency? What was their geographical, military and economic distribution? How many people have been killed in these massacres? What is the social background and the political orientation of the victims? How were the massacres carried out and what weapons were used? Who are the perpetrators of the massacres: are they the Islamists as widely reported in the international press, or are they other shadowy people? Who are these Armed Islamic Groups who kill, maim and destroy schools, factories and hospitals - the very source of subsistence of the population- ;and then get off scot-free with incredible recurrence? Why do the armed forces systematically refused to intervene during the massacres many of which took place very close to military barracks and security forces centres? What were the intents behind the killings: is the objective to impose Islamic rule trough violence as widely reported, or are there other reasons in the dark? What were the reactions of Algerian society and the government's response? What were the reactions in the Muslim World and the attitudes of the West? How can one understand these massacres in relation to the massacres carried out during 132 years of brutal French colonialism? Is there any link at all between these two types of massacres? What does Algerian law say about massacres, and what are the provisions of international law to deal with such heinous crimes?

Well, An Inquiry into the Algerian Massacres is just what you need to get the answers to these questions and to understand the very roots of the present Algerian crisis. It is written by North African academics in Algeria, Europe and the United States and approaches the issue of the massacres from several angles. The book comprises close to 1500 pages which unfold the stark naked truth about the Algerian massacres. The book is a priceless reference manual for Algerian watchers, war crime experts, human rights organisations and activists, historians, journalists---in fact all researchers seeking to honestly understand the reality of the Algerian conflict.

To buy a copy of the book or just see the contents of the book and a presentation of it, please visit www.hoggarbooks.org

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