From: [deleted email address]
Sent: 11 September 2003 22:03
Subject: Jesus is the only way to heaven!!!
Very interesting how you distort the truth!  Many people and false prohits have tried to deny the deity of JESUS but they fail.  You can not compare JESUS to any aspect of Islam because he has no equal, his kingdom is without end, death could not keep him in the grave and his love for you endures forever.    THIS IS THE TRUTH OF CHRISTIANITY ----JESUS IS ALIVE AND HE IS COMING AGAIN FOR HIS CHILDREN.  PRAISE THE ONE TRUE GOD IN HEAVEN THAT THE DAY WILL COME AND ALL THE EARTH WILL SEE HIM IN HIS GLORY!!!!  I BEG YOU OH ISLAMICS, REPENT AND ACCEPT HIM INTO YOUR HEARTS.  HE IS HOLY AND HE IS GOD.  ARE YOU READY FOR HIS RETURN??